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Develop a detailed three-year strategic plan, incorporating long-range goals set on a 2030 time frame

  • Update organization on process at UHN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Stress test Big Dot goals and foundation activity against available capacity and resources
  • Further Board of Trustees engagement
  • Finalize Mission and Vision
  • Board approval
  • Refine deliverables for Big Dot Goals and Foundational Elements
  • Strategic Plan communications and engagement
  • Develop execution framework and scorecard
Q3 and onwards
  • Begin master facilities and financial planning
  • Formulate 2018/19 operating plan
  • Programs and sub-units begin to align to the strategic plan

Prior to the announcement of Dr. Peter Pisters as the sole finalist for President at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center on August 25, 2017, UHN was nearing the final stages of developing its organization-level strategic plan. Over the summer, working groups “stress tested” the deliverables identified within the three-year roadmaps for the Foundational Elements and Strategic Themes (Big Dots). The outputs of these meetings were then used to assemble a Deliverable Registry and Heat Map—essentially an overview allowing us to discuss areas of risk, prioritization and overall feasibility. Throughout the strategic planning process, we have remained committed to openly communicating and engaging with our stakeholders. Part of this work involved gathering feedback in August through larger engagement sessions with UHN leaders and across the organization through

Following Dr. Pisters’ announcement, the strategic plan was re-evaluated to determine the best way forward for the organization. Given that our Foundational Elements (Caring Safely, Patient Experience, Operational Excellence, People & Culture, and IT Transformation) remain integral to our future as a healthcare organization—hence the term “Foundational”—it’s critical that we not lose momentum on these initiatives. With this in mind, the Board of Trustees endorsed the decision to move forward with implementing the Foundational Elements roadmaps while pausing the development of our Strategic Themes (Big Dots), Mission and Vision.


  • “Stress tested” Foundational Element and Strategic Theme goals, milestones and deliverables with working groups and the Executive Team
  • Held two large engagement sessions. Each one was attended by more than 150 leaders from across the organization, including representation from the Senior Management Team, Medical Advisory Committee, Foundations, Medical and Surgical Division and Department Heads.
  • Received approval from the Board of Trustees to proceed with the implementation of our Foundational Element roadmaps on September 20, 2017

Attention Needed

  • Curate and publish the work completed to date for Strategic Themes, Mission and Vision
  • Use Foundational Elements roadmaps to formulate UHN’s FY 2018/19 Operating Plan
  • Develop an execution framework and balanced scorecard to determine how we will execute and evaluate our activities at the organizational level

Past Reports:

Charlie Chan

Interim President and CEO

  • Mike Nader
  • David Jaffray
  • Brad Wouters
  • Brian Hodges
  • Mary Gospodarowicz
  • Pauline Pariser
  • Lori Seeton
  • Barry Rubin
  • Winnie Au
  • Helen Chan
  • Andrea Etherington
  • Margaret Kinyanjui
  • Fatima Sheriff
  • Matthew Kelsey
  • Aubrey Chiu
  • Belinda Bien

*names are still being added/confirmed