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embedding UHN's Purpose, Values & Principles:

UHN’s PVP is more than just a statement – it reflects who we are as an organization. This year we will focus on embedding our PVP into the culture of the organization through Human Resources programs and practices. Our PVP will guide how we recruit as well as how we assess and manage performance.

A culture of Leadership:

A key factor in the success of organizations is the strength of their leadership. What is needed from leaders is changing as UHN evolves. This year, we will focus on identifying new leadership competencies, expanding and standardizing leadership development programs across the organization, as well as create a new physician development program to build capabilities needed to lead UHN into the future.

Supporting Organizational Change:

Change management is a core competency needed to support UHN’s renewal. We will identify simple tools for leaders to provide clarity for staff and support for new practices.  Secondly, we will create a model and tools to guide those planning initiatives to improve their implementations.

Effective team functioning is foundational to our Areas of Focus, the confidence of patients, and employee engagement.  We will identify approaches for building cohesive teams, increasing team ‘helping’ behaviors, improving hand-offs between teams, and building agile teams for a transformed UHN.

  • Build UHN leadership capacity
  • Cultivate the culture that supports UHN’s Strategy
  • Support UHN’s organizational renewal
  • Develop a change management model
  • Define leadership competencies for management & physicians
  • Implement an expanded UHN leadership curriculum
  • Launch a physician leadership development program
  • Embed the PVP into UHN’s workplace
  • Expand efforts to improve work relationships
  • Research, select and pilot a model to promote teamwork
  • Continue to focus on physician and physician leader quality improvements

The work to further embed UHN’s Purpose, Values & Principles (PVP) into daily practice stands out this quarter. Staff and leaders have made it clear that launching the PVP simply isn’t enough – they want evidence that how we do things at UHN is a true reflection of our PVP. To support these efforts, we created a video about UHN’s new PVP and launched an intranet site. Positive stories on the outcomes of applying the civility and conflict management skills tell us we have the right tools (Crucial Conversations and Respect & Civility @ Work) in place and we continue to embed these approaches. Work on the three-year People and Culture Roadmap is shaping some of the initiatives to be delivered this year. Research on the workforce of the future and the impact of digitally enabled health care highlight the volume of change UHN will face and a need to embed effective change management practices at UHN.


  • PVP video and intranet site launched as resources to embed PVP across UHN
  • Delivered Respect & Civility @ Work and Crucial Conversations sessions to teams to embed values-based behaviours and improve work relationships
  • Completed design for a new physician orientation session
  • Researched change management models to identify the most effective leader practices

Attention Needed

  • Develop PVP recognition program and job candidate interview guides
  • Continue development of leadership competencies and curriculum for 2017/18
  • Evaluate new Accreditation Canada requirements for teamwork against current resources to support teams
  • Complete interviews with UHN managers to identify best practices and challenges in implementing change

Past Reports:

Emma Pavlov (Lead)

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development, and Michener Operations

Charlie Chan

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

  • Venita Indewey
  • Catherine Clarke
  • Diana Elder
  • Kirsten Wendtlandt

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