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Transforming operations with sustainable solutions:

  • Developing a UHN-wide Overcapacity Protocol action plan to ensure the right patient receives the right care, in the right location for the right amount of time
  • Streamlining the discharge planning process by implementing a new admission and discharge letter to reinforce UHN’s “home first” philosophy and provide smoother transitions from hospital to home
  • Working with government and community partners on the development of a Transitional Care Space to support patients transitioning to their next care destination
  • Enhancing a culture of shared accountability and delivering continuous quality, cost-improvement and sustainable solutions to the organization through the Office of Stewardship and Sustainability (OSS)
  • Mobilize the Office of Stewardship and Sustainability (OSS) to ensure we are using our resources in the best possible way to deliver safe and quality care to our patients
  • Care for patients in the right place, at the right time, and drive a “home first” philosophy
  • Implement the Overcapacity Protocol (OCP) and further refine other access and flow strategies
  • Establish the Office of Stewardship and Sustainability
  • Assess Business Intelligence needs and begin to implement a solution that allows us to forecast utilization and gather utilization data
  • Operationalize Transitional Care Space and implement new UHN bed map
  • Complete the high priority work streams that emerged from the Operational Review

This quarter we progressed along our journey to find simpler and smarter ways to provide care through sustainable changes. We have been implementing solutions to provide patients with the best care in the best place, and to improve patient flow, including ongoing plans for Alternate Level of Care patients. We launched the newly formed Office of Stewardship & Sustainability (OSS), which has begun to deliver sustainable operational improvements while ensuring stewardship of resources. We eagerly look to the future as we continue to build the Office of Stewardship & Sustainability and endeavour to create a new Transitional Care Space for patients across the Toronto area. As part of UHN’s strategic planning process we are working to define a 3-year roadmap for Operational Excellence for FY 2018/19 – FY 2020/21.


  • Launched the Overcapacity Protocol
  • Responded to Ministry’s Expression Of Interest with plans for a Hillcrest Reactivation Centre
  • Began small test of change for Business Intelligence solution for utilization data
  • Launched Office of Stewardship & Sustainability; recruitment in progress

Attention Needed

  • Standard work related to OCP actions for physicians to be completed
  • Follow due process to plan Hillcrest operations with a community partner
  • Build and test BI solution on a small scale, then expand data elements and users
  • Continue building the OSS team

Past Reports:

Mike Nader (Lead)

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

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