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thetransformation plan:

This initiative began with incremental change to address the three areas reviewed in the IT assessment, which includes aligning all IT teams and services at UHN, improving governance with a focus on customer service, and coordinating all investments associated with technology.

Supporting a digitally-enabled future will be accomplished through several activities over the course of the transformation, led by the IT Transformation Team (IT3):


Until January 2017, there were multiple IT departments providing support and services across UHN. The IT transformation has brought these departments together to work as UHN Digital, with Digital Subject Matter Experts (dSMEs) and teams embedded across the organization. The Integrated Digital Management team has been designed to support the new Operating Model with a focus on research, education, and clinical and corporate needs, data and implementation, and digital operations. UHN Digital is working to improve the quality of IM/IT services and support delivered to the organization, with a clear purpose to digitally-enable the good work taking place at UHN.


A major focus in 2017/18 is establishing an effective IT investment governance approach improving decision-making, and transparency. In this new structure, all areas of UHN, including research, clinical and education, will be represented within the IT investment governance committees. The IT investment governance approach will be developed based on input gathered during a co-design event on IT investment best practices.

The second focus of 2017-18 is designing a data governance approach to bring enhanced visibility to the organization’s data assets, and identify initial improvement opportunities. The data governance structure will focus on unlocking the value of data at UHN and involve stakeholders from across UHN, as well as industry advisors to ensure needs are met and best practices are put into place.


Information on IM/IT expenditure was previously managed across several different areas. The 2017/18 fiscal year will be the first year there is a clear singular view of all information technology spend at UHN, in the Technology & Innovation Portfolio. This will be instrumental in helping the organization prioritize and manage investments going forward.

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  • Design and launch UHN’s approach to govern information technology investment for improved decision making and transparency to staff
  • Design new processes and teams that support data science across the organization
  • Complete transition of UHN Digital
  • Design UHN’s approach to governing investment in information technologies
  • Complete activities to build the UHN Digital team that began in Year 1 of the IT Transformation
  • Data Science initiatives launched
  • Socialize information technology investment governance model and gather feedback
  • Operate, monitor and advance UHN Digital
  • Launch governance structures for information technology investments

This quarter began by refreshing the goals and objectives for the second year of UHN’s IT Transformation. A new digital investment governance operating model was launched and we are targeting FY 2018/19 to operationalize the model for UHN. Another critical milestone was consolidating 85% of UHN’s IT operational spend under the Technology and Innovation Portfolio. A major initiative was the enterprise-wide migration to Office 365 (O365). The O365 platform is a collection of cloud-based services that work together to increase productivity through collaboration. The move to O365 is a part of the transformation effort to build a digitally-enabled hospital, while working together to deliver world-class clinical care, research and education.


  • 85% of UHN’s IT operational spend was consolidated through the transfer of IT staff and budgets from 11 IT areas into the Technology and Innovation Portfolio
  • The design of an enterprise investment governance operating model was initiated including the development of value-based guiding principles, investment portfolio, intake processes, and governing bodies
  • 93% of UHN staff migrated to the Office 365 platform

Attention Needed

  • The new investment model will be socialized and stress tested with key UHN stakeholders across the organization and their feedback will be used to refine the model
  • Phase 2 of the data mapping and validation sprints will be finalized by fall in preparation for the consolidation of the remaining 15% of UHN’s IT operational spend

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