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Building on Excellence

As Canada’s largest research hospital, UHN is dedicated to providing exemplary patient care, innovative education and ground-breaking research. Throughout its 200 year history, UHN’s role as a health system leader has been demonstrated by the many “firsts” that have taken place within its hospitals and research institutes. Notable discoveries and interventions include:

  • Discovery of blood-forming stem cells
  • Single and double lung transplants
  • Deep brain stimulation for treatment resistant depression
  • Clinical use of insulin for diabetes
  • Custom heart valve (Toronto SPV)
  • First use of radiation to cure Hodgkin disease
  • Canada’s first hand and forearm transplant
  • Use of total body cooling in heart surgery

With a new leadership team and organizational structure in place, UHN has embarked on a journey of renewal that will build on past successes, while establishing the foundational supports for a new strategic plan.

Journey of Renewal

UHN is a national asset. The work we do has an important impact locally, regionally and around the world – we have an obligation to Canadians to find cures and solutions. To help us meet the evolving needs in the rapidly changing health care field we have embarked on a journey of renewal.

Since beginning this journey, we have refreshed our management and board structure, defined eight Areas of Focus and collectively renewed our Purpose, Values & Principles (PVP), providing the foundation on which we will build our Strategic Plan.

A lot of work related to the eight Areas of Focus was completed in 2016/17, so we have reduced and refined our eight Areas of Focus to five for 2017/18. These are:

  • People and Culture
  • Patient Experience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Caring Safely
  • IT Transformation

Work happening in these areas will be critical to UHN’s success, as we embed these priorities into our day-to-day. These five areas will be built into our Strategic Plan, along with our ambitious, long range goals to make sure we have our attention on both today and tomorrow. As the plan is developed and finalized in the coming months, updates will continue to be posted on the Strategic Planning page.

We look forward to moving into the next stage in this journey of renewal, which will bring exciting innovations to the organization as we work to fulfill our purpose: transforming lives and communities through excellence in care, discovery and learning.